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      Six are positive in first batch of Hong Kong's universal tests

      2020-09-04 18:26:16Ecns.cn Editor : Lu Yan ECNS App Download
      Special: Battle Against Novel Coronavirus

      (ECNS)-- Hong Kong commenced its universal community testing program on Sept. 1 to contain COVID-19. A total 370,000 citizens have been sampled in the first batch.

      Of the 128,000 samples tested, six were determined positive, with four recovered COVID-19 patients.

      Dr Chuang Shuk Kwan, Head of the communicable disease branch, Centre for Health Protection, said the four are all currently asymptomatic.

      "We've checked their medical records. They were discharged from hospital in about mid-August with antibodies in their systems. Their virus index stood at about 27-36, which was relatively low, suggesting they might not be infectious." Chuang said.

      Hong Kong registered 8 new COVID-19 cases the same day, 7 were local cases. Four of the local cases are with unidentified sources of the virus.

      The center advises Hong Kong citizens to seize the opportunity to identify the asymptomatic and cut off the transmission chain.


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